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May’n – Prismverse (Album) MP3

May’n – Prismverse (Album) MP3
May’n – Prismverse (Album) MP3

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May’n to release a full-length original album! The album includes the singles, “Orange,” “Ahatte Teppen,” “LIES GOES ON,” and a new version of “AMICITIA,” as well as new song(s)

  • Release Date: 2024.01.31
  • File Size: 124 MB / 662 MB
  • Format: MP3 / FLAC

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  1. To the Prismverse
  3. GLORY
  4. あはっててっぺんっ
  5. シキザクラ
  6. オレンジ
  7. Follow Your Fantasy
  8. 蒼の鼓動
  9. 破鏡重縁
  10. ハッピーエンド、
  11. カラフルスコープ
  12. AMICITIA -2024 ver.-

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